liz teachingWhat began as riding double with her mom in open fields as a young child a few times a year, has now become a passion Liz loves to share daily. She enjoys teaching riders of all ages because sharing the magic of building a working relationship with a horse can be so rewarding in countless ways. Liz equally loves training horses, because bringing the best out of a horse and translating that into a better relationship with its rider, is an inspiring gift for everyone involved.


liz teaching 2Liz is experienced in the horse sport of Eventing (dressage, show jumping, cross-country). She has a long history of working with riders and horses from beginners to the more experienced. Liz has evented successfully through the Preliminary Level while schooling Intermediate extensively. She was in long term training with Susan Harris and Denny Emerson and has continued to participate in shows and clinics. An upper level United States Pony Club graduate, Liz models her teaching and training from this international organization to include riding and horsemanship skills.


Liz also enjoys her family. Her husband is very supportive of horses, and their two kids are learning and enjoying their horse, Jay. Liz graduated from Indiana Wesleyan University (many many years ago), and grew up locally attending Cowan. Enjoying travel and adventure over the years have made her truly love living in Indiana.

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