FullSizeRender 39Burton Farm is located on 85 acres in East Central Indiana.  The barn was built in 2015-2016 by Morton Buildings, Inc. The objective of this building project was to provide a facility suitable for training and hosting clinic events.  




The Arena - 

     The indoor arena at Burton Farm is 66' X 156'.  Excellent lighting and 96 feet of mirrors help to provide a supurb environment to help you get the most out of each ride.  Footing consists of 2-3 inches of sand which is groomed often.  Overhead sprinklers and fans insure footing is in perfect condition.  

The 66' X 206' outdoor arena is located directly behind the Blue Barn and a short walk from the Creek Barn.  Sand footing and a beautiful view of surrounding horse pastures and barn. 

The stalls -

     IMG 0103Burton Farm houses a total of 21 stalls. Seven 12X12 stalls,  constructed by Isch Farm, are located in our main barn. An additional fourteen stalls are located in our adjacent Creek Barn.  The oak stalls have open bar construction to allow for airflow, sight and socialization.  The front stall door is hinged and can be left up for security or left down allowing the horse to look out into the aisle.  Each stall is equipped with a sliding door allowing access to attached dry lot for easy turn out when pastures are not available due to weather.  Additional stalls located in the original barn on the property serve as home to the Burton family horses.  

Amenities - 

     Tack Room -  12'X24' insulated tack room is equipped with individual cubbies for boarders, benches and counter space.  Available in both the Blue Barn and Creek Barn.

     Wash Rack - 12'X12' wash rack with hot and cold water which can be adjusted to horse and bather liking.

     Open Air Observation Deck - Steps with viewing platform is designed for ease of sight for instructor or clinician.  

     Indoor Viewing Area - Insulated and heated viewing area with window access to arena is perfect for cold weather.  Comfortable seating and table access are available for taking notes during clinics.  Microwave, refrigerator, and handicap accessible bathroom are available in this area.  

     Upper Viewing Deck - Located above the indoor viewing area is a viewing deck accessible by spiral staircase.  It provides the most comprehensive view of the riding arena.  

   FullSizeRender 40  Pasture - Meticulously maintained pastures surround the facility.

     Dry Lots - Attached dry lots to each stall provide a safe (mud free) alternative to pastures when the ground is too saturated for pasture turnout.  Additional dry lots are available for horses who cannot be turned out daily due to health issues or those visiting the farm for the day.  

     Trail Riding - Jacob's Creek runs 2 sides of Burton farm, providing a relaxing ride.  The farm was designed to provide riding along the perimeter of the property, allowing a scenic view of the creek.  creek2Additional riding trails are available between each pasture and along the edges of our 85 acre hay fields.