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fresh eggs for sale sign$3 per dozen or 2 for $5


B Eggsgroup shotHello! Thanks for visiting my egg sale page.  Below you can find information on my hens, how my business is going, and fun videos about eggs.  If you'd like eggs, check out my new video on how the process works!



Country Girl Egg Sales Video

Intro to Chicken Business Video

FullSizeRender 79My Hens -I currently have 36 laying hens and 3 roosters.  I have Rhode Island Reds, Leghorns, Buff Orpingtons, Australorps, Americanas, and Plymouth Rock Chickens (my favorites!) I call the Plymouth Rock chickens my zebra chickens because they are black and white.  The leader of these chickens is named Freaya after a chicken in one of my favorite books - Quinny and Hooper by Adriana Brad Schanen.  zebra chicken

 FullSizeRender 80My Business - I run  the chicken business for my family.  I'm responsible for the chicken care, purchasing supplies, feeding and collecting and selling eggs.    I plan to invest the money I make from eggs back to grow my chicken business and grow my flock. 

IMG 4424Check back each week to see fun videos about egg sales and informative information on chickens!  

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