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Experienced Biomechanics Riding Coach


Teaching approach:

  • Benefits both novice and experienced riders in all disciplines.
  • Teaches the “how” of effective riding, not just telling you “what” to make your horse do.
  • Interactive coaching method with continuous communication between coach and rider.
  • Based upon the rider biomechanics method, which teaches the rider to more effectively align, stabilize and control their body to positively influence the horse.

Early in Paul's training experiences, he began to find conventional riding instruction frustrating. He found that most instructors could tell you what they wanted you to do but no one explained the how to effectively accomplish the what.

paul and marilynIn early 2000, Paul discovered Mary Wanless’s Ride With Your Mind (RWYM) method and received his certification as a RWYM Rider Biomechanics Coach in April 2015. Here was someone who not only knew what to do but had a clear method of breaking down the what into basic parts and communicating them in an understandable fashion.  Paul became a RWYM enthusiast from that point on.  He immersed himself in her approach and applied it to his own riding.  The positive experiences in Paul's own riding, specifically the clarity it provides riders to affect change, motivated him to leverage this approach with his students.  His experiences as both a student and a teacher prompted him to expand his mastery of the method and pursue certification as a RWYM instructor. Mary’s RWYM website address is below.

Paul has been training with Mary annually since 2007 and working with multiple certified Biomechanics coaches in the US.  He has also been attending annual Biomechanics Teacher Training clinics since 2009. His trainer, Jen Truett, is a RWYM certified coach located in the Dayton area.  Her website is also listed below.

jennifer and paulPaul has a comprehensive understanding of Mary’s biomechanics concepts and principles and has a skillful eye for determining the rider’s biomechanics baseline and areas to address.  Paul effectively communicates the biomechanics methods and skillfully uses verbal instruction, imagery, physical demonstration and alignment to guide the rider through the body biomechanics changes required to greatly improve the rider’s stability and effectiveness.


For more information on Paul, please visit the following resources:

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2019 Clinic Schedule

March 22-23 - Maryal Barnett 

July 5-6 - Maryal Barnett

August 30-31 - Paul Boland

September 20-21 - Maryal Barnett

November 1-2 - Maryal Barnett